Properties of addition

Executable Specification

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sig add.

kind     nat      type.

type     z        nat.
type     s        nat -> nat.

type     nat      nat -> o.
type     add      nat -> nat -> nat -> o.

module add.

add z N N.
add (s A) B (s C) :- add A B C.

nat z.
nat (s N) :- nat N.


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%% We turn the type nat into a predicate so that we can induct on it.

Specification "add".

% Add is commutative

Theorem add_base : forall N, {nat N} -> {add N z N}.

Theorem add_step : forall A B C, {add A B C} -> {add A (s B) (s C)}.

Theorem add_comm : forall A B C, {nat B} -> {add A B C} -> {add B A C}.

% Add is deterministic

Theorem add_det : forall A B C D,
  {add A B C} -> {add A B D} -> C = D.

% Add is associative

Theorem add_assoc : forall A B C AB ABC,
  {add A B AB} -> {add AB C ABC} ->
    exists BC, {add B C BC} /\ {add A BC ABC}.

% We can use Query to "run add in reverse"

Query {add A B (s (s (s (s z))))}.

Query {add A A (s (s (s (s z))))}.