Arbitrary cascading substitutions on untyped lambda terms


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%% Nabla in the head of the definition of subst allows us to actively
%% manipulate the context of a term in order to make an arbitrary
%% number of substitutions for the nominal constants in the term.
%% Here we prove that this form of substitution acts compositionally.

Kind      tm      type.

Type      app     tm -> tm -> tm.
Type      abs     (tm -> tm) -> tm.
Type      pair    tm -> tm -> o.

Define subst : olist -> tm -> tm -> prop by
  subst nil T T ;
  nabla x, subst (pair x K :: L) (T x) S := subst L (T K) S.

Theorem subst_app : forall L T R S,
  subst L (app T R) S -> exists U V, S = app U V /\ subst L T U /\ subst L R V.

Theorem subst_abs : forall L T R,
  subst L (abs T) R -> exists S, R = abs S /\ nabla z, subst L (T z) (S z).